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1 day ago ... At this time of year, Easter Lilies are everywhere. These lilies, and their botanical relatives, including Stargazer lily, Day lily, Asian lily and Tiger ...
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Canine veterinary health information. Information on dog diseases and conditions, behavior, parasites, drugs, pregnancy, birth, nutrition, breeds, and vaccination ...
Understanding Euthanasia - Veterinary Medicine
Having to make the decision to end a pet's life is never easy. It is a subject that many people do not want to talk about until they have to, but then it becomes a ...
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Online learning opportunities for practitioners and students - sites that make learning and studying fun.
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Veterinary Questions and Answers Archive - Veterinary Medicine.
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Laparoscopy In Veterinary Medicine Many of the diagnostic and treatment options available to humans are also available for animals. Guest Author Dr. Alvaro ...
Stem Cell Regenerative Therapy in Veterinary Medicine
Stem cells have been in the news in recent years because they can grow and differentiate into many types of cell types. For cells originating from human ...
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Veterinary Education Online: university of pennsylvania school of veterinary medicine pennsylvania school of veterinary medicine school of veterinary medicine ...
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Potential Pet Problems in my Home Keeping potentially hazardous things out of my pet's reach would be easy if everything went according to plan and everyone  ...
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Guest Author Dr. Alvaro Larin, DVM ACVS, a veterinary surgeon in Miami, Florida , discusses the use of laparoscopy in veterinary medicine, for diagnosing and ...

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