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UFOs and Aliens
UFOs and Aliens includes a vast amount of information on classic UFO cases, archived cases and more. Give us a visit!
Current UFO Sighting Reports & News - UFOs and Aliens - About.com
Current UFO Sighting Reports & News. ... Fishermen Spot UFO at Kentucky Lake · In July, 2011, two boys fishing at a Kentucky lake spot a UFO. Share ...
Visual & Photographic Proof of UFOs
The biggest UFO topic lately has been a series of videos of alleged UFOs over the city of Jerusalem, Israel. Let's take a good look at these, and see what we can  ...
UFO Crash & Physical Evidence Cases - UFOs and Aliens - About.com
Best Case Files of UFO Crashes & Physical Evidence.
UFO Photos – Best UFO Photos - UFOs and Aliens - About.com
Some of the best UFO photographs ever taken. There have been literally thousands of photographs taken of UFOs. Here you will find some of the very best , ...
UFO Landings - The Best Cases - UFOs and Aliens - About.com
Join me as we take a look at some of the best documented cases of UFO landings.
UFO Crash Cases - UFOs and Aliens - About.com
After approximately sixty seconds of observation, at a position 155 miles southeast of Corpus Christi, a UFO decelerated to approximately 1700 knots,( 1955 ...
Best Documented UFO Case Files - UFOs and Aliens - About.com
Occurring during the "Great Airship" wave of the late 1800s, the legend of a UFO crash and a dead alien have survived over a century of debate. Allegedly, the ...
Water Tank Emptied by UFO in Australia
A UFO empties a 10000 gallon water tank in Rosedale, Australia in 1980. This is a classic example of UFOs use of water.
Cross Stitch Definition - UFO - Cross Stitch Term - How to Cross Stitch
UFO is a unique term used to describe a type of stitching project.

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