Pirates of the Caribbean DVD Treasure Hunt - Game Review
A review of The Pirates of the Caribbean DVD Treasure Hunt game, published by Imagination DVD Games.
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The next time bad weather keeps the grandchildren indoors, try this treasure hunt to get them moving. Just pick and choose from this list of clues, or create your ...
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The grandchildren will love this outdoor treasure hunt, and grandparents don't even have to come up with the clues.
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Kids are guaranteed to move, and giggle, when you send them on a search for clues in a treasure hunt game. Try it for a party, special occasion, or just a rainy ...
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If you've ever made a treasure hunt game for grandkids, you know that it's great fun for them but a lot of work for you. With the Search for Longbeard's Treasure, ...
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Treasure Hunt. This activity should be held separately from any other Easter hunt and must be prepared ahead of time. The person in charge of the hunt creates ...
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Treasure Hunt #1: The Alphabet Treasure Hunt. Looking for the alphabet is a fun treasure hunt because you aren't just looking for letters, you're looking for gold ...
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Started in 2006, the U.S. Highway 36 Treasure Hunt features yard sales all across the state of Kansas. The border-to-border sale spans approximately 400 miles ...
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Today, it's home to the 31W Treasure Hunt / Yard Sale. The annual yard sale spans approximately 150 miles of the historic highway, from Louisville, Kentucky to ...
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An indoor treasure hunt is a creative, competitive way to keep your kids entertained and active when indoors. Learn how to set up and play an indoor treasure ...

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