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The Russian Sleep Experiment - Urban Legends
Did Russian researchers conduct an experiment in which five prison inmates were kept awake for 15 days straight, driving them to insanity and cannibalism?
Russian Vodka - Vodka in Russia - Eastern Europe Travel - About.com
Vodka is the Russian alcoholic beverage of choice. As a traveler to Russia, you may be stunned by the varieties of Russian vodka available, be pressed to drink  ...
Popular Black Russian Cocktail Recipe
This popular lowball is known throughout the world and is so popular that it (and the White Russian) should be one of the first that every aspiring bartender ...
Introduction to Russian Genealogy - Genealogy Research in Russia
The astonishing thing about Russian genealogy is the fact that it is possible at all. Wars, revolutions and ignorance have destroyed a significant part of written ...
Popular White Russian Vodka Cocktail Recipe
The White Russian is a drink everyone should know. It's a simple, creamy vodka mixed drink with a nice coffee flavor that makes a great after dinner sipper.
Population Decline in Russia - Geography - About.com
Russian President Vladimir Putin recently directed his nation's parliament to develop a plan to reduce the country's falling birthrate. In a speech to parliament on ...
Layered Russian Quaalude Vodka Shooter Recipe - Cocktails
One of the most popular shots, the Russian Quaalude is quickly becoming a classic. Frangelico is one of the most common hazelnut liqueurs and a great choice ...
Causes of the Russian Revolution - European History - About.com
In 1916, a full three quarters of the Russian population were peasants who lived and farmed in small villages. In theory their life had improved in 1861, before ...
Russia Facts and Information - Eastern Europe Travel
Basic Russia Facts. Population: 141,927,297. Russia's Location: Russia is the largest country in the world and shares borders with 14 countries: Norway, ...
Russian Revolution of 1917 - 20th Century History - About.com
The Russian Revolution of 1917 changed not only the future of Russia but of the entire world. It toppled a monarchy and brought about the first communist ...

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