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Popular White Russian Vodka Cocktail Recipe
The White Russian is one of the most popular vodka cocktails and is unbelievably easy to make. You can even get fancy and layer the ingredients for a fun ...
A Brief Introduction to the Russian Revolution of 1917
In 1917 Russia was convulsed by two major seizures of power. The Tsars of Russia were replaced first in February by a pair of co-existing revolutionary ...
Popular Black Russian Vodka Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Black Russian, a popular vodka and coffee liqueur (usually Kahlua) drink served on the rocks.
The Russian Civil War - European History - About.com
Russia's October Revolution of 1917 produced a civil war between the Bolshevik government – who had just seized power - and a number of rebel armies.
Russian Revolution Timeline - 20th Century History - About.com
Follow the events of the Russian Revolution of 1917 as they unfolded in this timeline of the Russian Revolution.
Russian Revolution of 1917 - 20th Century History - About.com
In 1917, two revolutions completely changed the fabric of Russia. First, the February Russian Revolution toppled the Russian monarchy and established a ...
Why does Russia support the Syrian regime
Russian officials may not think the world of President Bashar al-Assad and his handling of the crisis, but they will not give up easily on their most loyal Arab ally.
Russian Revolution - 20th Century History - About.com
The Russian Revolution of 1917 ended the long reign of tsars in Russia and created the communistic Soviet Union.
Timeline of the Russian Revolution in 1918 - European History
January 12: 3rd Congress of Soviets accepts The Declaration of the Rights of the Peoples of Russia and creates the new constitution; Russia is declared a ...
Sonoma's Russian River Valley - Wines - About.com
The Russian River Valley in Sonoma County, named for the regions first settlers and situated southwest of Sonoma's Alexander Valley, is one of California's ...

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