Popular White Russian Vodka Cocktail Recipe - Cocktails - About.com
Cocktail recipe for a White Russian, a popular creamy vodka and Kahlua mixed drink served on the rocks.
Popular Black Russian Vodka Cocktail Recipe - Cocktails - About.com
Cocktail recipe for a Black Russian, a popular vodka and coffee liqueur (usually Kahlua) drink served on the rocks.
Russian-Ukrainian Solyanka Soup Recipe - Eastern European Foods
Solyanka Soup is popular in Russia and Ukraine, and is a combination of sausage, cured meats, rich broth, olives, capers and more.
Russian Quaalude Vodka Shooter Recipe - Cocktails - About.com
Shooter recipe for a Russian Quaalude, a hazelnut liqueur, Irish cream and vodka layered shot.
Russian Easter Bread Recipe - Kulich - Eastern European Foods
Russian kulich is a sweet yeast-risen bread typically served at Easter. It just wouldn't be Easter Sunday in Russia without a piece of this tall, cylindrical bread that ...
Russian Dressing Recipe - Culinary Arts - About.com
There's no sandwich more delicious than corned beef and cole slaw on rye bread with Russian dressing. Find out how to make your own Russian Dressing!
Russian-Ukrainian Sorrel Soup Recipe - Shchavelya Sup ...
This recipe for sorrel soup is known as Shchavelya Sup in Russian and Shchavlyu Sup in Ukrainian but is usually referred to as Schav.
Russian Revolution - 20th Century History - About.com
The Russian Revolution of 1917 ended the long reign of tsars in Russia and created the communistic Soviet Union.
Russian Napoleon Cake Recipe - Napolyeon Tort
This Russian Napoleon Cake recipe is made with up to 16 layers of dough filled with a custard cream and is a national dessert.
10 Traditional Russian Soup Recipes - Retsepty Supov
A typical Russian meal starts with appetizers (zakuski), moves on to a hearty bowl of soup, proceeds to an equally hearty main course, and finishes with a ...

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