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Reenacting for Beginners - Genealogy - About.com
Learn what reenacting is and how to get started with historical reenacting. Learn to live the lives of your ancestors and experience history first-hand!
Historical Reenactment - Genealogy - About.com
Experience living history and the daily lives of your ancestors through historical reenactment, the recreation of a historical event or period. Learn how to get ...
Reenactment - Historical Recreation - Ancient / Classical History
Resources about reenactment societies focusing on recreation of the ancient period of history.
Battle of Brooklyn Reenactment & 1776 Revolutionary War Military ...
As part of the Battle of Brooklyn events held in late August, you can join in a guided re-enactment of where and how General George Washington and his troops ...
Viking Re-enactment - European History - About.com
The website of Ydalir, the Manchester arm of British Viking re-enactment. Brief information on crafts and combat alongside a gallery of their recreations.
Living History Organizations - Reenactment Societies
The Adrian Empire The Empire aims to foster the study of medieval history, literature, arts and sciences, recreating life in the middle ages and participating in  ...
Living History - Bringing the Middle Ages to Life - Reenactment ...
These resources lead you to organizations, reenactment aids, renaissance faires, and general projects involved with the recreation of medieval history.
Civil War Reenactments – Gettysburg 2013 - Washington DC
Learn about the Civil War Reenactments of the Battle of Gettysburg. Find out how to attend the events, see the schedule and find accommodations in Gettysburg, ...
Historical Reenactments 101 - Senior Travel - About.com
While many people think of the Civil War when they hear the word "reenactment," you can actually attend reenactments of events from almost every period of ...
Civil War Reenactment & Reenactors - Tutorials, Supplies, Battles ...
Learn about the people and events of the American Civil War first hand by taking part in a Civil War reenactment. Civil War reenactors are generally the largest ...

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