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How to Write Press Releases for the Media - Advertising - About.com
Writing press releases helps you get free exposure for your company and its products. Learn how to write press releases that the media can't resist.
The Bench Press Weight Training Exercise - About.com
The bench press is a standard powerlifting exercise in which you lie flat on an exercise bench and lift a barbell above your chest until arms are fully extended.
Building Blocks for a Powerful Press Release
Every press release should begin with your company letterhead. If you're a smaller business and don't have a letterhead with a logo on it, take the time to design ...
Music Press Releases 101 - Music Careers - About.com
Competition is fierce when you're trying to get press for your music project, and a bad music press release can put out of the running from the word go.
What, How and When -- FAQs About Press Releases
FAQs: What is a press release? What information should and should not be included? Here are tips to write a winning press release about your company.
How to Do the Leg Press (Leg Press Machine) - Weight Training
Two types of leg press machine are in common use: the standard horizontal leg press and the 45 degree leg press. This second leg-press machine has a seat in  ...
How to Create Press Kits - Advertising - About.com
What press kits components do you include when creating a media kit? See press kit examples and how every one of your press kits can be used to generate  ...
What Is a Press Release? - Women in Business - About.com
Before you start writing press releases, it is important that you understand what a press release is the purpose a press release serves.
How to Write a Press Release - Write a Music Press Release
You've got the music all set to promote - now you are probably wondering how to write a press release. When you write a music press release, you need "get in ...
How to Write a Press Release - Freelance Writing - About.com
Here is sample of a press release, showing both content and structure tips. This shows the format you should follow, with exact instructions as to what should go ...

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