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Pharmacology and Legal Drugs - About.com
Original articles, and instructions for finding more information, about specific drugs and medications. Find new drug approvals, drug-related news, and links to  ...
Pharmacology - Graduate School - About.com
Comprehensive list of links to graduate programs (MS, MD, PhD, MD/PhD programs)in pharmacology within the United States.
Pharmacy - Pharmacology - Graduate School - About.com
Looking for programs and resources for becoming a pharmacist or studying pharmacology? Check out these programs, rankings, and other advice.
Pharmacology Definition - Chemistry - About.com
Updated June 21, 2014. Definition: Pharmacology is the scientific study of drugs. Pharmacology analyzes the breakdown and synthesis, biological activity, ...
Pharmacology and Childhood Medications - Pediatrics - About.com
7 Subcategories in Pharmacology and Childhood Medications. Drug Profiles (27) · Antibiotics (9) · Cough and Cold Medicines (7) · Coupons (5) · Clinical Trials ...
Pharmacology - California - Graduate School - About.com
Links to pharmacology graduate programs in California.
Full Product Review: "Clinical Pharmacology Made Incredibly Easy"
Clinical Pharmacology made Incredibly Easy! has come to my rescue. It is written clearly, concisely, and in terms that are understandable. While the tone is kept ...
Veterinary Pharmacologist - Animal Careers - About.com
The additional training consists of a three year residency program that includes practical work in clinical pharmacology, keeping a logbook of cases, giving ...
How to Become a Pharmacologist - Career Options - Health Careers
Pharmacology Overview: Pharmacologists research and test drugs and chemical compounds for development of drug therapies, prevention of drug interactions, ...
Bioavailability - Definition and Examples - Pharma - About.com
Definition: Bioavailability (BA) is a term used in pharmacology and nutritional and environmental sciences. In pharmacology, it refers to the degree and rate at ...

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