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Pharmacology and Legal Drugs - About.com
Original articles, and instructions for finding more information, about specific drugs and medications. Find new drug approvals, drug-related news, and links to  ...
Pharmacology - Graduate School - About.com
Comprehensive list of links to graduate programs (MS, MD, PhD, MD/PhD programs)in pharmacology within the United States.
Pharmacology - California - Graduate School - About.com
Links to pharmacology graduate programs in California.
Pharmacy - Pharmacology - Graduate School - About.com
Looking for programs and resources for becoming a pharmacist or studying pharmacology? Check out these programs, rankings, and other advice.
Pharmacology Definition - Chemistry - About.com
Definition: Pharmacology is the scientific study of drugs. Pharmacology analyzes the breakdown and synthesis, biological activity, biological effects, and delivery ...
Pharmacology - Florida - Graduate School - About.com
Links to pharmacology graduate programs in Florida.
Pharmacology - Connecticut - Graduate School - About.com
Links to pharmacology graduate programs in Connecticut.
Pharmacology and Childhood Medications - Pediatrics - About.com
7 Subcategories in Pharmacology and Childhood Medications. Pediatric Drug Profiles (27); Antibiotics (9); Cough and Cold Medicines (7); Medicine Coupons ( 5).
How to Become a Pharmacologist - Career Options - Health Careers
Pharmacology Overview: Pharmacologists research and test drugs and chemical compounds for development of drug therapies, prevention of drug interactions, ...
Veterinary Pharmacologist - Animal Careers - About.com
The additional training consists of a three year residency program that includes practical work in clinical pharmacology, keeping a logbook of cases, giving ...

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