Pharmacology Definition - Definition of Pharmacology - Chemistry
Definition: Pharmacology is the scientific study of drugs. Pharmacology analyzes the breakdown and synthesis, biological activity, biological effects, and delivery ...
Pharmacology and Childhood Medications - Pediatrics - About.com
Pharmacology and Childhood Medications. Information about pediatric drugs and commonly used medications. Topics include databases with drug reference  ...
Pharmacology - Graduate School - About.com
Comprehensive list of links to graduate programs (MS, MD, PhD, MD/PhD programs)in pharmacology within the United States.
Pharmacy - Pharmacology - Graduate School - About.com
Looking for programs and resources for becoming a pharmacist or studying pharmacology? Check out these programs, rankings, and other advice.
Bioavailability - Pharma - About.com
Definition: Bioavailability (BA) is a term used in pharmacology and nutritional and environmental sciences. In pharmacology, it refers to the degree and rate at ...
Pharmacology - California - Graduate School - About.com
Links to pharmacology graduate programs in California.
Review: Clinical Pharmacology made Incredibly Easy. The book that ...
Review: Clinical Pharmacology made Incredibly Easy. The book that explains in English how and why drugs work.
Pharmacology - Florida - Graduate School - About.com
Links to pharmacology graduate programs in Florida.
Full Product Review: "Clinical Pharmacology Made Incredibly Easy"
Clinical Pharmacology made Incredibly Easy! has come to my rescue. It is written clearly, concisely, and in terms that are understandable. While the tone is kept ...
Pharmacologist - Become a Pharmacologist - Health Careers
Pharmacology might be a great option for someone who is interested in pharmaceuticals, but doesn't want to be a pharmacist directly interacting with patients.

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