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Add Headers & Footers to iWork Pages Documents for iPad
iWork Pages for the iPad lets you headers and footers to your documents easily. Find out how to add headers and footers to your iWork Pages documents now!
Master Page - A Type of Template For Pages in Your Document
Contains elements that appear on all pages of a document.
Yellow Pages - History of the Yellow Pages - Inventors - About.com
The very first time the term yellow pages was used was in 1883. A printer working on a regular telephone directory ran out of white paper and used yellow paper ...
Master Pages in Adobe InDesign CS - More Ways to Add Pages
There are other ways to add pages. Instead of dragging the master pages down to the lower part of the palette, where the normal pages are, you can either just ...
Master Pages in Adobe InDesign CS - Pages Palette
A master page is a special page which will not print, unless you tell InDesign to do so. It's a page where you can set a basic layout and then all of the other pages  ...
Changing Items on Master Pages in Adobe InDesign CS
Make a change to something on your master pages.
Saving an iWork Pages Document as a Template - Word Processing
Apple's iWork Pages includes a healthy selection of templates to get you started. But you may also want to create your own templates for Pages. This will give ...
How to Add a Photo in Pages for iPad - About iPad
You don't have to just deal with text in Pages for the iPad. You can also add photos to your documents, even resizing the images and applying filters.
Add Headers and Footers to an iWork Pages Document
... page numbers. They're a necessity for business documents and academic papers. Read my tip to learn how to use headers and footers in Apple's iWork Pages.
Copying Pages Documents in iWork for the iPad - Word Processing
iWork Pages for the iPad includes a wide selection of document templates. Unfortunately, though, you can't create your own iWork Pages templates on the iPad.

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