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Reference Lists - Example of a Reference Page in APA Format
APA format reference lists should begin on a new page and all sources should be presented in alphabetical order. Learn more in this example of a reference ...
Master Page - A Type of Template For Pages in Your Document
Contains elements that appear on all pages of a document.
How to Insert a Landscape Page Into a Portrait Document
Have you ever tried to insert a page that needs to be landscape into a document that uses portrait orientation? Or vice versa? Maybe you have a wide table that ...
Master Pages in Adobe InDesign CS - Pages Palette
A master page is a special page which will not print, unless you tell InDesign to do so. It's a page where you can set a basic layout and then all of the other pages  ...
Funny Manpages - Funny Man Pages - Linux
Here is a set of miscellaneous humorous manpages (don't take them too seriously!). You've been warned. View them at your own risk. Remind yourself of their ...
Master Pages in Adobe InDesign CS - More Ways to Add Pages
Instead of dragging the master pages down to the lower part of the palette, where the normal pages are, you can either just click on the New Page button or you ...
How to Insert Page Numbers in InDesign on Master Pages
InDesign automatically numbers pages of your document in the style you designate when the proper page numbering code is placed on the Master Pages.
Add Headers & Footers to iWork Pages Documents for iPad
iWork Pages for the iPad lets you headers and footers to your documents easily. Find out how to add headers and footers to your iWork Pages documents now!
Using Apple iWork and Pages Software for Desktop Publishing
Apple iWork is an office suite for the Mac consisting of spreadsheet, presentation, and word processing/page layout applications. The successor to AppleWorks, ...
Page Encryption Script - Decryptor - JavaScript - About.com
There are lots of programs out there that you can buy that will encrypt your web page and supposedly protect your page content from theft. Actually, the ...

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