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Oscars - Who Can Vote for the Academy Awards? - Hollywood Movies
Info on who is eligible to vote for the Academy Awards in all of the different categories.
Academy Awards - The Oscar Statuette
Info on the Oscar statuette including a background of its history in the Academy Awards.
List of Oscar-Winning and Nominated Comedians
Want to see which comedians have been nominated for Academy Awards and which ones have won? Check out this list to see how comics have fared on ...
The Oscars - Academy Awards Trivia and Fun Facts
The very first person to refuse an Oscar was Dudley Nichols. Nichols, who had won Best Screenplay for The Informer (1935), boycotted the Academy Awards ...
How to Become an Academy Member - Oscar Voters
Info on how to become a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the group that votes on the Academy Awards.
10 of the Worst Oscar Winners in History - Hollywood Movies - About ...
Sometimes the Oscars get it right. You can't really argue with Gone with the Wind or The Godfather winning Best Picture awards, or Star Wars winning Best ...
Best Picture Oscar Winners at the Academy Awards
A list of all the Best Picture Oscar winners from every Academy Award ceremony.
Best Picture Oscar Winners of the 1950s - Classic Movies - About.com
In the 1950s, sweeping epics, expensive musicals and dark dramas dominated the Best Picture category at the Oscars, along with one sleeper hit thrown in for ...
Celebrity Quotes: Oscar Winners in Their ... - Quotations - About.com
In these celebrity quotes, Oscar winners like Dustin Hoffman, Mickey Rooney, Kathy Bates, John Wayne, bare their soul. Most people were touched when Mickey ...
Hip-Hop at the Oscars - Rap/Hip-Hop - About.com
It's hard out there for a hip-hop artist at the Oscars. For starters, Academy Award voters haven't always recognized rap's contribution to movies. One commonly ...

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