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Classical Music, Composers and Operas
Find the best classical music to listen to. Learn about historical and classical composers and the stories behind the world's most iconic symphonies, arias and  ...
Music Education Information and Articles
Music Education website dedicated to the study of music and music theory online , from your About.Com Guide to Music Education, Espie Estrella.
Music Careers and Music Industry Tips from About.com
From indie bands to major record label dreams, get your music career off the ground with music industry advice from About.com.
Folk Music: New and Classic Songs, Playlists, Album Reviews
Discover new and classic American folk musicians. Browse top songs lists and album recommendations for Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Pete Seeger, and more.
Christian & Gospel Music: Playlists, Releases, Recommendations
Get the latest Christian music news and tour information. Browse band suggestions, playlists, and learn about your favorite Christian musicians.
World Music: Album Recommendations and Playlists
Learn about global music including musicians from the Caribbean, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. Browse album recommendations and artist biographies.
Chamber Music of Mozart Prof. Greenberg-Fine Arts & Music
Professor Robert Greenberg of San Francisco Performances presents an outstanding opportunity to study and enjoy a variety of chamber works drawn primarily ...
Music Theory - Music Education - About.com
Music theory is a broad subject, here you will learn about its' meaning and all the elements which relates to it. Resources will be for both kids and adults ...
Latin Music: New Releases, Playlists, Album Reviews
Browse artist bios, trivia, and playlists for salsa, reggaeton, bachata, and other Latin music. See album recommendations from new artists and mainstays like ...
Country Music: New Releases, Playlists, Artist Bios
Discover new and classic country musicians. Check out country music playlists and album recommendations for Taylor Swift, Keith Urban, George Strait and ...

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