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8 Classic Movies You Can Stream on Netflix Right Now. By Shawn Dwyer. Classic Movies Expert. 3 Chili-Peppers-Tom-Petty-edit.jpg - Photos: Juan Naharro.
Vertigo Movie Tour of San Francisco Part 2 - California Travel
Some of the movie's locations were real, but there were also 50 studio sets. Of the real locations, most survive relatively unchanged. Jesse Warr of A Friend in ...
40 Scariest Ghost and Haunted House Movies (31-40) - Horror Movies
This groundbreaking British TV movie is one of the earliest POV/"found footage" horror movies, purporting to be a live broadcast of a supposedly haunted house.
A List of the 25 Top Werewolf Horror Movies - About.com
Also known as Wolf Girl, this odd but endearing TV movie, complete with musical numbers and more than its share of full-frontal male nudity, follows a traveling ...
Classic Movies: Recommendations, Director and Actor Profiles
Though he only appeared in five movies before his life was cut short by cancer, actor John Cazale batted a thousand in films that were nominated for Best ...
German Titles of Hollywood Movies - Filmtitel-Lexikon A-L
An English-German glossary of Hollywood movie titles.
Horror Movies: New Releases, Classics, Recommendations
Scare Yourself Silly at These Horror Movie Festivals and Conventions · A calendar ... Things Go Bump in the Basement: 'POD' Movie Review · 'POD' movie  ...
Movie Ratings: What Do G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17 Mean?
Every moviegoer, whether worried parent or curious ticket-buyer, has wondered about the Movie Ratings system – what do the categories mean? Who assigns ...
A List of the 25 Top Werewolf Horror Movies
A list of the 25 best werewolf movies. ... 25 Best Werewolf Horror Movies. Don't Watch These Movies During a Full Moon. By Mark H. Harris · Horror Movies ...
Best Julia Roberts Movies - Top 10 - Hollywood Movies - About.com
Top 10 list of the best Julia Roberts movies topped by Sleeping With the Enemy and including Closer, Mystic Pizza, and Pretty Woman.

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