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Mother's Day: History of the Celebration
Find resources on the different stories of the history of Mother's Day: Anna Jarvis, Julia Ward Howe, and other versions. From a day for peace to a sentimental ...
Anna Jarvis and Mother's Day History
Anna Jarvis and Mother's Day, part of the history of Mother's Days around the world.
Mother's Day Proclamation by Julia Ward Howe - Mother's Day History
A copy of Julia Ward Howe's 1870 call for peace, part of her campaign to establish a Mother's Day for Peace.
Celebrate Mother's Day - History and Origin - Homeschooling
The history and origin of Mother's Day for homeschooling families. Learn about Mother's Day and take a quiz.
Salt Lake City Mother's Day Brunches - About.com
Best brunches for Mother's Day in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Mother's Day in the Washington DC Area (Family Fun Ideas)
Looking for a special way to spend Mother's Day this year? See ideas of ways to spend some family time with mom on Mother's Day in Washington DC, MD and ...
Mother's Day Holiday Resources for Christians
Find practical information about Mother's Day for Christians, including tips, celebration ideas, Bible verses, Christian customs, and many more resources ...
Julia Ward Howe - Mother's Day and Peace - Beyond the Battle ...
Julia Ward Howe's accomplishments did not end with the writing of her famous poem, The Battle Hymn of the Republic. She called for a Mother's Day of Peace ...
Mothers Day in Phoenix - Celebrate Mom in Scottsdale, Tempe ...
Everything you need to know about Mother's Day in the Phoenix area. Gifts for Moms and Grandmas, brunch ideas, events and other ways to celebrate Mom.
Mother's Day Events in Los Angeles - Los Angeles Travel - About.com
A list of special events put on for Mother's Day in Los Angeles, CA including unique brunches at local attractions, cruises and other fun stuff.

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