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Welcome to Mobile Devices: Apps, App Development and News
MobileDevices.About.com brings you information on creating and formatting mobile applications, marketing apps, app store news and updates, mobile carrier  ...
Mobile Broadband High Speed Internet Access Overview
Definition: Mobile broadband, also referred to as WWAN (for Wireless Wide Area Network), is a general term used to describe high-speed Internet access from ...
What Is a Mobile Device? - Glossary Definition - Mobile Devices
Definition: A mobile device, which is also referred to as a handheld, handheld device or handheld computer, is a pint-sized computing device. Mobile devices ...
Mobile Office Technology - Buying Guides and Reviews
The destination for telecommuters and professionals on the go. Learn how to stay connected from any location, work better as a remote worker, and pick the best ...
Applications - Mobile Apps Definition and Examples - Mobile Devices
Definition: Mobile applications or mobile apps are applications developed for small handheld devices, such as mobile phones, smartphones, PDAs and so on.
Mobile 2.0 - What is Mobile 2.0? - Trends - About.com
It is easy to assume that Mobile 2.0 means simply bringing Web 2.0 to mobile devices, but the driving force behind Mobile 2.0 goes much further. Mobile 2.0 isn 't ...
FAQ on Creating a Mobile Website for Your Business - Mobile Devices
Question: Do I Need a Mobile Website for My Business? Do you necessarily need a mobile Website for your business? How does it benefit you to create a ...
The Mobile Web vs. Mobile Apps - Trends - About.com
On a mobile device, there are two main ways that you can visit the web. You can either visit a website by typing in or searching for its URL in your preferred ...
Mobile Internet and Wi-Fi Networking Advice
Mobile computing is all about staying connected wherever you are. Find out everything you need to know about connecting to Wi-Fi networks, using mobile data, ...
Wi-Fi and Mobile Internet Connections - Mobile Office - About.com
Wi-Fi and mobile broadband solutions enable mobile workers the freedom to work anywhere, anytime. Learn everything you need to know about finding, setting ...

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