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Librarian - Career Information - Career Planning
Librarians select materials, organize those materials and help people use them effectively. Many work with the public, while others work behind the scenes in ...
Librarian Quiz - Should You Become a Librarian - Career Planning
Should you become a librarian - take this quiz to find out if you should become a librarian.
Law Librarian Jobs and Careers - Legal Careers - About.com
Law librarians are information resource experts who work in law schools, corporate law departments, law firms and government libraries. Law librarians assist ...
Medical Librarian - Careers for Medical Librarians - Health Careers
Medical librarians are important members of the healthcare field. Learn more about how to become a medical librarian, what they do, and how much medical ...
How Much Does a Librarian Earn? - Job Searching - About.com
Librarians arrange speakers, entertainers and workshops to educate and entertain patrons. They evaluate and purchase computers, electronic databases and ...
Law Librarian Job Duties - Legal Careers - About.com
Law librarian roles vary, depending on the librarian's practice setting. Below is a sampling of the duties of law librarians in a variety of work environments.
Picture Book - The Boy Who Was Raised by Librarians
The Boy who was Raised by Librarians is a children's picture book about a boy whose life is enriched by his daily visits to the Livingston Public Library and his ...
Reference Librarian - Finding Answers From the Reference Librarian
The reference librarian can ease your research anxiety. The reference librarian is an expert when it comes to locating sources, narrowing down your topic, and ...
Library Careers: Job Descriptions and Comparison - Career Planning
Those who want to work in a library have four career paths from which to choose. You can be an archivist, librarian, library technician or library assistant. Each of ...
Librarians: About the Profession of Librarian - Book Publishing
For those who love books and gathering information, being a librarian might be a dream job. If you're considering being a librarian, here are some facts about ...

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