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California Divorce Laws - Guidelines - Divorce Support - About.com
A complete guide to California divorce laws. Guidelines to property division, child custody and other divorce related issues in California.
Law Practice Management - About.com
About.com's Law site provides information on law practice management, law office technology, law firm marketing, legal careers, lawyer marketing, attorney ...
California Good Samaritan Law Appellate Court Decision - First Aid
Mar 7, 2014 ... Good Samaritan laws are meant to protect lay people who, for no reason other than kindness, come to the aid of fellow human beings in need.
Law Career Practice Insights: Employment Law - Legal Careers
Veteran employment attorney Erica Clarke shares her insights into the practice of employment law in an exclusive interview.
Zeroeth Law of Thermodynamics - Physics - About.com
An explanation of the zeroeth law of thermodynamics, which is considered by many to be the most fundamental of the thermodynamics laws, making the ...
About Law School — Admissions, Bar Exam, Careers
Find out what law school applicants and students need to know about applications, LSAT preparation, the bar exam, career opportunities, and more.
Public Interest Law Career Skills and Characteristics - Legal Careers
Public interest opportunities are more abundant than ever. Learn about a career in public interest law including salaries, types of work, skills and resources.
The Ins and Outs of Bankruptcy Law Practice - Legal Careers
Bankruptcy law is one of the hottest legal practice areas today. Learn the ins and outs of bankruptcy law practice.
Energy and Environmental Law Practice (Green Law) - Legal Careers
As “going green” becomes a global priority, lawyers specializing in environmental law are in demand. Learn more about a specialty in environmental law.
All About German Beer Law - Reinheitsgebot - Biergesetz
Definition: German beer laws are famous. Most people who drink beer have heard about the Bavarian "Reinheitsgebot," or purity law of 1487, wherein only three ...
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