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How to Design a Pen Pal Program for Your Classroom
A pen pals program is one of the most fun ways to give your kids a real-life lesson in Social Studies, Language Arts, Geography, and more.
Kids` Penpals: names, new best friend, true friends - AllExperts
Kids` Penpals/names. Advertisement. Expert: Brooke - 2/13/2007. Question hi brooke my name is brooke to that's great to have someone else named brooke ...
Pen Pals - Japanese Language - About.com
Are you looking for a Japanese pen pal? It is a good way to learn and practice the language. You can exchange your language and culture as well. Have fun!
Benefits of Having a Pen Pal (For Children & Tweens) - About.com
Help Your Tween Make and Keep Friends · Helping Tweens Manage Peer Pressure · Pen Pals Kids - Design a Kids Pen Pals Program for the Classroom ...
French Pen Pals - French About.com
Writing to pen pals is a great way to practice your French and meet other French- speakers at the same time. Take a look at these links to various French pen pal ...

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