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Top Ten Hanukkah Sites - About Judaism
These ten Jewish Sites offer quality comprehensive information about Hanukkah. They offer in-depth coverage of a great range of Hanukkah topics.
Quick and Creative Kid Gift Exchange Ideas--For $1 or Less!
When your child's care provider or teacher plans a gift exchange between kids... what should you do and how much should you spend? The key is to think small ...
Visitation Transfer for Children of Divorced Parents - Single Parents
Visitation transfer does not always go smoothly. That's why you need to be prepared ahead of time for a visitation drop offs and pick ups, including ...
Disney World's Rider Switch Program - Florida Travel - About.com
Don't let traveling with a toddler or infant keep you from enjoying some of the best attractions Disney World has to offer, use the rider switch program to explore ...
Success Stories...continued! - Veterinary Medicine
... "back" from back surgery and doing well. Elvis (the Iguana) Lives! Guide Wendy Hogan (Kid's Exchange) shares a success story about her pet iguana, Elvis.
Effects of Divorce - Help Kids Manage the Effects of Divorce
The effects of divorce can be devastating for children. However, divorce does not have to destroy your kids' lives. When parents intentionally help their children ...
Doll Collecting Puzzles Index
Country Music · Kid Exchange Kid-Oriented Puzzles. Home Parenting Great for parents and kids! Quit Smoking · South America · Santa Cruz · New England ...
Holiday Guide 2000 - Sparkle Season Crafts Christmas ... - Pittsburgh
Holiday Graphics 2000 Wendy Hogan, kidexchange.about.com. All Rights Reserved. Explore Pittsburgh, PA, Famous Pittsburghers, Pittsburghese, Event ...
Universal Orlando: How to Get Fast Access to Rides
Universal Orlando is a popular destination for families in Orlando Florida, with two theme parks --Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios Florida-- and three  ...
25 Ways to Go From Stepfather to Stepdad - A Helpful Guide for ...
What the kids should call their stepdad; Asking Mom for specific advice; Making time for the kids' interests; Handling kid exchange times with the biological dad ...

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