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Matzo Definition - What is Matzo - Glossary of Jewish Food
Matzo is an unleavened bread that Jews eat during the Jewish Festival of Freedom called Passover (Pesach in Hebrew).
Farfel Definition - What is Farfel - Glossary of Jewish Food
Farfel, a popular side dish in Jewish Ashkenazi cuisine, are small, pellet-shaped, egg noodles.
A Shiksa Cooks Jewish Food - Eastern European Foods - About.com
What's a Catholic girl doing cooking Jewish food? Well, I come by it honestly. I inherited the gene from my mother. Mom was a goye, a shiksa. There wasn't a ...
Jewish Food: Recipes for Kosher Vegetarians - About Judaism
These vegetarian dishes have a traditional Jewish flavor.
Jewish Food: Recipes for Kosher Desserts - About Judaism
Fruit desserts, such as compote (a sort of fruit stew, flavored with spices or wine), baked apples, and simple fruit salads are popular with Jewish cooks, as they ...
Jewish Food: Recipes for Kosher Cholent and Hamin - About Judaism
Recipes and information on cholent (chulent), the Ashkenazic Jewish stew, and hamin, the Sephardi stew, traditionally served for lunch on the Jewish Sabbath ...
Mandelbrot Definition - What is Mandelbrot - Glossary of Jewish Food
Mandelbrot, which literally means almond (mandel) bread (brot), was a popular dessert among Eastern European Jews. Mandelbrot is similar to Italian biscotti in  ...
What is Hamantashen - Kosher Food - About.com
About.com · Food · Kosher Food · Kosher Basics · Glossary of Jewish Foods; Hamantashen Definition - What is Hamantashen - Glossary of Jewish Food.
Jewish Food: Kosher Poultry Recipes - About Judaism
Poultry is a traditional favorite in Jewish cuisine--probably because it was less expensive to raise and slaughter than other kinds of meat. Poultry's appeal to the  ...
Jewish Food: Recipes for Kosher Breads - About Judaism
Traditional Jewish breads--rye, challah, pumpernickel, and bagels--are all within the reach of the home baker. Your friends and family will be clamoring for the ...

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