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A Shiksa Cooks Jewish Food - Eastern European Food - About.com
What's a Catholic girl doing cooking Jewish food? Well, I come by it honestly. I inherited the gene from my mother. Mom was a goye, a shiksa. There wasn't a ...
Matzo Definition - What is Matzo - Glossary of Jewish Food
Matzo is an unleavened bread that Jews eat during the Jewish Festival of Freedom called Passover (Pesach in Hebrew).
Farfel Definition - What is Farfel - Glossary of Jewish Food
Farfel, a popular side dish in Jewish Ashkenazi cuisine, are small, pellet-shaped, egg noodles.
What is Hamantashen - Kosher Food - About.com
Hamantashen is a triangular, filled pastry which is traditionally served on the Jewish festival of Purim.
Traditional Foods for Hanukkah Celebrations - About Judaism
Like many Jewish holidays, Hanukkah has accompanying food traditions. Fried foods such as sufganiyot (jelly-filled doughnuts) and latkes (potato pancakes) ...
Mandelbrot Definition - What is Mandelbrot - Glossary of Jewish Food
Mandelbrot, which literally means almond (mandel) bread (brot), was a popular dessert among Eastern European Jews. Mandelbrot is similar to Italian biscotti in  ...
Jewish Food: Blintz Recipes - About Judaism
Recipes for blintzes, the Jewish version of the crepe. Often filled with farmers' cheese.
Jewish Food: Challah Recipes - About Judaism
Jewish/Kosher Food: Recipes for Challah, a traditional Jewish egg bread served on the Sabbath.
Jewish Food: Recipes for Kasha - About Judaism
Jewish/Kosher Food: Recipes for Kasha, a dish of roasted buckwheat groats.
Jewish Food: Recipes for Noodle Kugel - About Judaism
Noodle Kugel Recipes Guide picks. Recipes for noodle (or lokshen) kugel, a Jewish-style casserole. Light(er) Noodle Kugel Still not a diet food, but this ...

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