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History of the X-Ray - Inventors - About.com
A history of the X-Ray and the invention of x-ray machine.
Barbara Askins - A New Way of Processing X-Rays Invented by ...
Barbara Askins improved x-ray technology by developing a new way of processing film. ... Continue > The History of X-rays ...
Mass Spectrometer - Willard H Bennett and George Edward Alcorn
... H Bennett was the inventor of the radio frequency mass spectrometer. George Edward Alcorn invented a method of fabricating an imaging X-ray spectrometer.
Madame Curie - Marie Curie and Radioactive Elements - Inventors
She found that the harmful properties of x-rays were able to kill tumors. By the end of World War I, Marie Curie was probably the most famous woman in the world ...
X-Rays - How are they formed? - Back and Neck Pain - About.com
Oct 29, 2014 ... X-rays are used extensively for diagnosing spine and other problems. ... with the information gathered during your medical history intake and ...
Chemistry Timeline - Chronology of Major Events
Chemistry Timeline - Chronology of Major Events - Science History. ... Discovered the relation between the frequency of the x-rays emitted by an element and its ...
Diagnosis of Lung Cancer - Tests and Scans - About.com
What kind of abnormalities are common on x-ray studies? ... When lung cancer is suspected, a physician will first perform a thorough history and physical exam.
Cephalometric (Ceph) X-Ray Definition - Dental Care - About.com
Apr 17, 2014 ... A cephalometric x-ray, also simply known as a ceph, is a diagnostic radiograph used primarily for orthodontic treatment planning, and is taken ...
Vietnam War - Battle of Ia Drang (1965) - Military History - About.com
Roughly the size of a football field, X-Ray was surrounded by low trees and bordered by a dry creek bed to the west. Due to the relatively small size of the LZ, the ...
Does My Chest X-Ray Show COPD? - About.com
May 22, 2009 ... I am 32 year old male and I've had 2 chest X-rays done in recent months. ... My question is this: given my smoking history, is it likely that I have ...
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