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Entrepreneurs - Business Ideas, Starting a Business
A resource for entrepreneurs on starting up, business planning, marketing your business and remaining profitable.
Becoming An Entrepreneur - Career Planning - About.com
Should you start your own business - here are resources that will help improve your chance of succeeding as an entrepreneur.
Business Majors: Majoring in Entrepreneurship
Thinking about specializing in entrepreneurship? Here is entrepreneurship degree program information for business majors.
Entrepreneur's Glossary - Common Words and Acronyms
A list of common words and acronyms related to entrepreneurship and small business.
Entrepreneurship Blogs - The Top Blogs for Entrepreneurs
... of topics and were selected for their relevance, quality and timeliness. If you were only going to read a few blogs about entrepreneurship, this is where to start.
Entrepreneurial Case Studies and Success Stories - Entrepreneurs
Former Harvard Business Review and Inc. Magazine writer/editor Tom Ehrenfeld shares his articles on entrepreneurship from the late great Industry Standard.
Should I Earn an Entrepreneurship Degree? - About Business School
Thinking about earning an entrepreneurship degree? Find out what type of entrepreneurship degrees are available, what you can do with an entrepreneurship ...
Making the choice on becoming an entrepeneur can ... - Entrepreneurs
A "killer elevator pitch" is something that every entrepreneur needs to have in his or her back pocket for those critical chance encounters with a potential investor, ...
Entrepreneurship Research - About.com
Academic and scientific research on entrepreneurship and entepreneurial best practices throughout the world.
Quotations From Famous Entrepreneurs - About.com
Looking for some inspiration? See what some of the world's most famous entrepreneurs have to say about entrepreneurship.

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