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Understanding Learning Disabilities
Learning disabilities can affect all aspects of life from infancy through adulthood. Learn about the types of learning disabilities, characteristics of LDs, and ...
Learning Disabilities (Signs, Symptoms, and Diagnoses)
What are learning disabilities? Learning disabilities are neurological differences in processing information that severely limit a person's ability to learn in a ...
Types of Learning Disabilities - About.com
Find out the signs of learning disabilities, what to look for, and what you can expect in academics, social emotional functioning, behavior, and development in  ...
Helping Students with Learning Disabilities to Succeed in School
Jun 24, 2014 ... Find tips to help your child with learning disabilities succeed in school.
Diagnosing Learning Disabilities - About.com
Methods of Diagnosing Learning Disabilities Vary ... Diagnostic methods and standards used to diagnose learning disabilities in public schools are different from ...
Testing for Learning Disabilities - About.com
If so, diagnosis of the learning disability will require a full learning disability testing. Learn about the assessment process in the diagnosis of learning disabilities ...
Teaching Resources for Learning Disabilities
Discover special education teaching materials, methods, and programs for students with learning disabilities as well as activities for all children.
Preventing Disabilities - Learning Disabilities - About.com
Some disabilities are preventable. Before and during pregnancy, healthy life choices can prevent disabilities. Learn more about these risk factors of disabilities ...
Testing for Learning Disabilities - About.com
Dec 15, 2014 ... Testing for learning disabilities is an important part of determining if your child needs special education services. Learn about the testing and ...
Developmental Learning Disabilities - About.com
Severe developmental learning disabilities are complex and require comprehensive support from schools and community resources. Learn where to find ...

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