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Communities and Ecosystems in Nature - Definition - Animals/Wildlife
The natural world is characterized by many complex interactions. Individuals belong, in turn, to populations, species, communities, and ecosystems.
Speech Community - Definition and Examples
Speech community is a term in sociolinguistics for a group of people who use the same variety of a language and who share specific rules for speaking and for ...
Community Property States - Tax Planning - About.com
In nine community property states, married persons are considered to own their property, assets, and income jointly. This has implications for how the married ...
Community College - Definition of a Community College
Community College - This glossary entry provides a definition of a community college. When choosing a college, students should know important differences ...
Reporting Community Property Income on Federal Taxes
Spouses living in a community property state classify their income as either community income or separate income when preparing their federal income tax ...
What Is Community Psychology? - About.com
Community psychology is a relatively young discipline within psychology that is concerned with how individuals relate to society. Learn more in this overview of ...
Community Property Deductions for Spouses Filing Separately
Married couples who file separate federal tax returns need to identify community income and community deductions so they will know how much each spouse ...
What Is Community Property? Joint Ownership by Marriage
Community property is a type of joint ownership of property between married couples that is recognized in the following states: Arizona, California, Idaho, ...
Community Property Rules for Federal Tax Returns - Tax Planning
Married persons who are filing separate tax returns may need to compute their income and deductions using the community property rules of their state.
Community Foundation - Definition and Examples
For people who want to start a donor-advised fund without the usual administrative costs and hassle, a community foundation can be a welcome alternative.

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