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How to Go "Off the Record" When Chatting in Gmail
Prevent your and the other party's Gmail account from keeping a history of your conversation when chatting with somebody via Google Talk or Gmail.
How to Chat With Somebody (Or a Group) in Gmail
If a contact is online, you can send them an instant message and chat with them right from Gmail in your browser.
Webcam Chat -- Gmail Webcam Chat - Instant Messaging - About.com
Launching a webcam or audio chat in your Gmail inbox is easy. Requires installation of the Gmail Audio/Webcam Chat plugin.
How to Use Gmail Video Chat and Audio Chat - Instant Messaging
While using IM in Gmail is nothing new, users of Google's free email service can also enjoy video chat and free phone calls using a specialized plugin. Where ...
How to Use the Chat Feature on Google+ - Instant Messaging
New to Google+ and need help with chat? Check out this extensive illustrated tutorial on how to use Chat within the Google Plus social network.
12 Free Private Chat Rooms Online - Instant Messaging - About.com
Looking for a free private chat room? Check out 12 free private chat room providers to create chatrooms and communicate with friends and family.
German Language Chat - Deutscher Chat
Your meeting place for live German chat and the German language.
How to Clear Facebook Chat / IM History
Too much going on in your Facebook Chat instant messages? Sometimes, after a few minutes of chatting, you might have enough messages to keep you ...
Top 10 IM Clients with Facebook Chat Access, Support
A number of IM clients now support Facebook Chat, meaning users are no longer required to stay on the social network in order to chat with friends and family.
Online Dating Advice: Chat on the Phone Before Meeting - About.com
The importance of chatting on the telephone with someone you've met from an online dating site before meeting face to face.

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