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Ceramics - About Archaeology
Ceramic artifact analysis, pots making vessels throwing ceramics pottery figurines.
Ceramics - Definition of Ceramics - Pottery - About.com
Definition: Ceramics (noun and adjective) are those things made from materials which are permanently changed when heated. Changes are on the molecular ...
What Are Pottery and Ceramics - Pottery and Ceramics Defined
Technically, ceramics are those things made from materials which are permanently changed when heated. For example, clay has chemically-bonded water in it ...
Crawling in Pottery Glazes - Glaze Crawling in Ceramics - About.com
Crawling is a glaze defect in which the glaze separates, leaving portions of bare clay exposed. This can be a few tiny areas, or it can extend across the surface of  ...
Fine Art Glossary Term Kiln Is Oven for Ceramics and Pottery
A kiln is an oven that is fired at high temperatures for burning or hardening materials such as ceramics and pottery.
Ceramic and Glaze Colorants - Pottery - About.com
Colors in glazes are effected by the clay, slips, stains, or underglazes below them . Most ceramic colors, however, are a result of metallic oxides being dispersed ...
Ceramic and Glaze Fluxes - Fluxes for Ceramics and Glaze - Pottery
Fluxes lower the melting point of the glass formers in glazes, clay bodies, and other ceramic materials. Although a potter does not absolutely need to know about ...
Japanese Ceramics and Pottery - Japanese Language - About.com
Japanese ceramics and pottery have a long tradition of craftsmanship, from the beautiful delicate Arita porcelain to the rough yet refined Raku stoneware.
Clay Bodies in Pottery - What are Ceramic Clay Bodies - About.com
Definition: Clay body (noun) refers to the actual clay mixture that is used in forming objects. It might only have one specific type of clay in it, but it is more likely to ...

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