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Ceramics - Definition of Ceramics - Pottery - About.com
Definition: Ceramics (noun and adjective) are those things made from materials which are permanently changed when heated. Changes are on the molecular ...
What Are Pottery and Ceramics - Pottery and Ceramics Defined
Technically, ceramics are those things made from materials which are permanently changed when heated. For example, clay has chemically-bonded water in it ...
Ceramics - About Archaeology
Ceramic artifact analysis, pots making vessels throwing ceramics pottery figurines.
Ceramic and Glaze Colorants - Pottery - About.com
Colors in glazes are effected by the clay, slips, stains, or underglazes below them . Most ceramic colors, however, are a result of metallic oxides being dispersed ...
Fine Art Glossary Term Kiln Is Oven for Ceramics and Pottery
A kiln is an oven that is fired at high temperatures for burning or hardening materials such as ceramics and pottery.
Japanese Ceramics and Pottery - Japanese Language - About.com
Japanese ceramics and pottery have a long tradition of craftsmanship, from the beautiful delicate Arita porcelain to the rough yet refined Raku stoneware.
Review of Ceramics Monthly Magazine - Pottery - About.com
Learn more about Ceramics Monthly magazine in this review by a pottery expert.
Ceramic and Glaze Fluxes - Fluxes for Ceramics and Glaze - Pottery
Fluxes lower the melting point of the glass formers in glazes, clay bodies, and other ceramic materials. Although a potter does not absolutely need to know about ...
Thermal Shock in Ceramics - Thermal Shock in Pottery - About.com
Thermal shock is a factor when pottery and other ceramics are cooling rapidly or used as ovenware.

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