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Change Blindness - Definition of Psychology Terms
Would it alarm you to learn that big changes often happen around you and you never even notice? This is what psychologists refer to as change blindness.
Psychology - What Is Choice Blindness?
Psychologists refer to this lack of awareness of our own decisions and preference as choice-blindness. Researchers have previously demonstrated the ...
The Definition of Color Blindness - Vision - About.com
Jun 10, 2014 ... Definition: Color blindness is the inability to identify colors in a normal way. Color blindness is a color vision deficiency that makes it difficult to ...
Color Blindness and Men - Causes and Forms - Men's Health
Mostly men inherit color blindness. Color blindness affects about 1 in 20 men to every 1 in 200 women.
Face Blindness - What is Face Blindness or Prosopagnosia in Autism
Feb 8, 2011 ... Face Blindness (Prosopagnosia) is common among people with autism spectrum disorders. What is face blindness and what does it mean to ...
Face Blindness - Prosopagnosia - What Is Face Blindness - Vision
Apr 21, 2008 ... Face blindness, or prosopagnosia, is the inability to differentiate between faces.
Designing Web Pages That Are Color-Blind Friendly - Web Design
According to most statistics, color blindness is a problem for 8 to 12% of males of European origin and about half a percent of females. For these people, the ...
Banner Blindness – The Problem of Web Banner Invisibility
Banner blindness (aka ad blindness) happens when web banners go unnoticed on a page, because the reader is subconsciously (or consciously) ignoring them  ...
Blindness - Tax Glossary - Taxes - About.com
Definition of Blindness: People who are blind receive a higher standard deduction.
Eye Problems and Blindness in Cats - Feline Disease - About.com
Cat Health Concerns > Special Needs Cats Profile > Eye Problems & Blindness Cats' normal vision is superior to humans, but they are also susceptible to many ...

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