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Ballet Dance - Definition of Ballet Dance - About Dance
Definition: Ballet dance is a very formal and strict type of performance dance. Ballet dance originated in 16th and 17th century French courts, and was further ...
Learn Ballet - Learn Ballet Dance - About Dance
Ballet lessons are a wonderful way for both kids and adults to reap the health benefits of dance as well as learn self-discipline and body control. Anyone can ...
Ballet - Dance Ballet - About Dance
Learn all about ballet, including basic positions, steps, and famous ballets.
Ballet Class - Ballet Dance Lesson - About Dance
Once you have decided that you really want to learn ballet, you will need to prepare for your very first ballet lesson. Although you will probably have asked your ...
Ballet and Pregnancy - Pregnancy and Ballet Dance - About Dance
Can you continue ballet dancing during pregnancy?
Dance Wear - Ballet Dance Wear Video
Transcript:Ballet Dance Wear. Hi, I'm Jennifer Peterson for About.com. Today, we' re going to discuss what to wear to ballet class.
Dance Belt - Ballet Dance Belt - About Dance
Answer: A dance belt is a thong-like undergarment generally worn by male ballet dancers to support and protect the genitalia, as many advanced ballet moves ...
Already "slim", but want my ballet/dance body to be slimmer.
Hello...First time poster... I am new to this website. I feel like I can't talk to people who know me personally because they gave me the old "You ...
Ballet for Beginners - Overview - About Dance
How to Create a Ballet Dance · Tips for Learning Dance Routines. Ballet Past and Present: The first ballet was performed over 500 years ago. Men tarditionally  ...
Ballet Barre - Barre for Ballet Dance - About Dance
Essential to every ballet class, a ballet barre is a stationary handrail that a dancer holds onto lightly for balance. A barre can be used for stretching and basic ...

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