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What You Should Know About Being a Published Author
Facts about being a published author, what the average author can expect in terms of money, marketing and more when publishing his or her first book.
Hobbyist vs. Pro — Tax Guidelines for Book Authors - Book Publishing
Read about the critical distinction the IRS makes between book authors who ply their craft for fun rather than write books for profit and depend on their writing ...
Taxes and the Book Author - Book Publishing - About.com
Book authors face some unique issues when filing their taxes. From keeping records to deciphering what it means to be an "exception" to a key tax rule, read this ...
Expert Tax Deduction Tips for Authors - Book Publishing - About.com
When April 15 rolls around and it's time to file your taxes as a book author, the more you know about your deductions, the better. Sure, your pens, computer ...
How Much Money Does An Author Make?
How much can an author make? That question comes up a lot and the answer varies greatly — like, from about $0 (or even losing money) to millions of dollars.
The Book Author Life and Business - Book Publishing - About.com
Being a book author is hard work and can be as complex as it is rewarding — learn how to navigate the life and the business of being a professional author.
The Six Habits of Highly Successful Authors - Book Publishing
Whether it's the dawn of a New Year for you, or just the cusp of a personal commitment to become a published author, here are some practical habits — and  ...
Twitter Hashtags for Authors and Book Marketing Pros
Specific Twitter hashtags for writers and publishing professionals can connect you with like-minded authors and fans, and help you grow your list of followers.
Authors & Titles - Classic Literature - About.com
When you explore literature and authors, you are embarking on one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. Discover the origins of literature; find out ...
Shy Authors - Social Anxiety Disorder - About.com
Shy authors include everyone from literary greats to contemporary novelists. While some authors have worked to overcome their shyness others embrace their ...

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