Authors in German Literature - Part 1: By Country - German Language
German-language authors and literature from Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. Part One: By country.
Authors - Card Game Rules - Board Games -
The complete rules for the card game Authors, which is essentially a slightly advanced version of Go Fish.
Authors in German Literature: Index A-K
Authors: Alphabetical Index (A-K). Literature/Authors in General Sites that cover German-language literature and authors in general, rather than a specific author  ...
APA Format for Journal Article with Three to Six Authors - Psychology
Learn how to create a reference entry for a journal article with three to six authors in proper APA format.
Authors in German Literature - Alphabetical Index L-Z
Part 3 of our alphabetical author index (L-Z). German-language authors from Austria, Germany, and Switzerland.
Contemporary German Authors, German children's authors
The following is a listing and description of well known German children's authors and authors whose books have become classics among children, youth and ...
How to Cite an Author or Authors in APA Format - Psychology
APA format establishes a number of clear rules for how to cite works using author information. In-text citations vary based on the number of authors the source is ...
Authors & Titles - Classic Literature -
When you explore literature and authors, you are embarking on one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. Discover the origins of literature; find out ...
Roman Authors Timeline - Ancient / Classical History -
Roman Authors From the 3rd Century B.C. 299-200. Cato the Elder. Roman writers were heavily influenced by Greek literature. Early Latin writers ...
Italian Literature - Italian Authors - Italian Writers - Italian Language
Italian Addventures Ready for an Italian addventure? That's not a misspelling. An "addventure" is a type of collaborative interactive fiction in which many authors ...

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