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Atheism and Agnosticism from About.com
Read articles and news on atheism and agnosticism to understand the philosophies, skepticism, and critical thinking of the free-thinking community.
Atheism Myths: Is Atheism a Religion?
Myth: Atheism is just another religion. Response: For some strange reason, many people keep getting the idea that atheism is itself some sort of religion.
Atheism vs. Agnosticism - Degrees of Disbelief
Many who call themselves agnostic think that agnosticism is a more 'reasonable' than atheism and thus reject the label of atheist. Their believe that atheism is ...
Who Are the Atheists? What Does Being an Atheist Mean?
There are a lot of misunderstandings about who atheists are, what they believe, and what they don't believe. People become atheists for many different reasons.
Atheism and Devotion in Buddhism - About.com
If atheism is the absence of belief in gods, then many Buddhists are atheists. Why then do Buddhists pray and bow to Buddha figures on altars?
Reasons Why Atheists Don't Believe in Gods
Atheists are often asked 'why don't you believe in God?' Well, there are many reasons why atheists might not believe in any gods. In fact, most atheists can ...
War in the Name of Atheism - Theology Myths
A common criticism which atheists raise against religion is how violent religion and religious believers have been in the past. People have slaughtered each ...
Hitler Killed Millions in the Name of Atheism?
Response: A popular image of the Nazis is that they were fundamentally anti- Christian while devout Christians were anti-Nazi. The truth is that German ...
What is Implicit Atheism? - Atheism and Agnosticism from About.com
Ads. &ensp. Also Known As: negative atheism, weak atheism, soft atheism. Common Misspellings: implicit athiesm. Examples: "Implicit atheism is the absence of ...
Are Atheists Hopeless & Sad? Atheism Does Not Lead to Despair ...
I agree religion has caused much evil, but I would never want my children to stop believing in God it gives you hope and peace. Athiesm has given me truth but it ...

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