Arctic Culture - Guideline to the Prehistory of Arctic Culture
The Arctic culture guideline describes the ancient cultures of the North American Arctic, from the first human settlement until European colonization.
Arctic Culture and Archaeology - About Archaeology
Aug 28, 2010 ... The environment of the arctic was perhaps more of a challenge in the past than it is today, with our new technologies for keeping warm: but the ...
The Arctic - Geography - About.com
Geography of the Arctic; read this article to learn important facts about Earth's Arctic region- it's geography, climate, species, human inhabitation and the impacts ...
Gressbakken House - About Archaeology
Arctic Culture - Guideline to the Prehistory of Arctic Culture · Arctic and Subarctic Culture History and Archaeology · Viking Settlement on Beginish Island Ireland ...
Pre-Dorset Culture - About Archaeology
The Pre-Dorset culture is a North American arctic culture of Greenland and Canada, first appearing there about 4500 years ago; the people probably arrived  ...
Bluefish Caves - What is Bluefish Caves - About Archaeology
Related Terms. Arctic Culture - Guideline to the Prehistory of Arctic Culture · Arctic Small Tool Tradition - The Introduction of Bow and Arrow in North America  ...
Denbigh Flint Culture - About Archaeology
The Denbigh Flint Culture is the name given to one of two patterned stone tool complexes of the arctic region around 2500 BC to 800 BC (the other is ...
A Bibliography of the Thule Tradition - About Archaeology
This article is a part of the About.com guide to the Arctic Culture, and the Dictionary of Archaeology. Anderson J. 2011. From Alaska to Greenland: A comparison ...
Arctic and Subarctic Culture History and Archaeology
Archaeology in Arctic North America From R. W. Park at the University of Waterloo, a cultural prehistory of the arctic culture of the North American arctic region.
Aleutian - Prehistory of Aleutian Islands, Alaska - Aleutian
The term Aleutian Tradition is used to describe a prehistoric Arctic culture widespread in the Aleutian Islands of Western Alaska. This culture developed between ...

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