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Arctic Culture - Guideline to the Prehistory of Arctic Culture
The Arctic culture guideline describes the ancient cultures of the North American Arctic, from the first human settlement until European colonization.
Aleutian Tradition - Archaeology - About.com
The term Aleutian Tradition is used to describe a prehistoric Arctic culture widespread in the Aleutian Islands of Western Alaska. This culture developed between ...
Skraelings - What the Vikings Called the Inuit Owners of Greenland
3. Vinland Sagas. 4. Whale Bone Houses - Thule Culture Ceremonial St… 5. Guide to the American Arctic Culture. About.com · About Education · Archaeology .
Arctic Small Tool Tradition - The Introduction of Bow and Arrow in ...
Videos. 1. Arctic Small Tool Tradition. 2. Guide to the American Arctic Culture. 3. Yana Rhinoceros Horn Site - Pleistocene Site in… 4. Denbigh Flint Culture. 5.
Snow Houses - Innovative Architecture of Eskimo People
2. Whale Bone Houses - Thule Culture Ceremonial St… 3. Semi-Subterranean Winter Houses - Prehistoric… 4. Guide to the American Arctic Culture. 5. The Last  ...
Semi-Subterranean Winter Houses - Prehistoric Arctic Housing
Guide to the American Arctic Culture. 5. Whale Bone Houses - Thule Culture Ceremonial St… About.com · About Education · Archaeology . . . Ancient Daily Life ...
Whale Bone Houses - Thule Culture Ceremonial Structures
Guide to the American Arctic Culture. 4. Snow Houses - Innovative Architecture of Eskimo… 5. Semi-Subterranean Winter Houses - Prehistoric… About.com ...
Guide to the Pre-Clovis - Founding Population of the Americas
Pre-Clovis is the name archaeologists have given to the oldest and now fairly well-established human occupations of the Americas.
Arctic and Subarctic Culture History and Archaeology
Arctic and subarctic culture history and archaeological sites, and other information related to the people of the arctic and subarctic regions of the world.
Archaic Period - Ancient American Hunter-Gatherers - Archaeology
The Archaic period is the name given to generalized hunter-gatherer societies in the North American continent from approximately 8000 to 2000 years BP.

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