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Arab Culture vs Western Culture - AllExperts
Oct 13, 2006 ... I am University Student studing in Riyadh, where in a project I am asked to research about the differences and similarities between Arab culture ...
Arab Culture: Bedouin Culture, bedouin tribes, marriage relationship
Oct 31, 2006 ... bedouin tribes, marriage relationship, fajer: Greetings Fajer, and thanks for your question. This sounds like an interesting project. I would say ...
Arab Culture: Sexual attitudes, sexual attitudes, interfaith relationships
Nov 28, 2006 ... sexual attitudes, interfaith relationships, solid resources: Hi Victoria, thanks for your question. Here are some websites I can recommend; let me ...
Arab Culture: Black male/ Middle Eastern girl teen relationship ...
Aug 31, 2006 ... eastern girl, teen relationship, daugh: Hi Drew, thanks for your question. Within the Middle Eastern community, which is quite diverse, there are ...
Arab Culture: Symbology of Peacocks, satan devil, yezidis - AllExperts
Oct 9, 2006 ... satan devil, yezidis, arab culture: There is no significance of the peacock in the Arab culture. It is only the Yezidis -as you have mentioned- who ...
Arab Culture: Arabian women, literacy levels, arabian women
Sep 7, 2002 ... literacy levels, arabian women, arabian peninsula: Patricia, It s true that there isn t much in print or even on the internet about daily life in the ...
Arab Culture: GIFT GIVING, alcohol wine, muslim man - AllExperts
Nov 21, 2006 ... alcohol wine, muslim man, hammoud: Hi, I think that he will accept your gift, also I expect that you will receive a Christmas gift from him as well.
Arab Culture: Arab Teens, western clothes, western fashions
Nov 2, 2004 ... western clothes, western fashions, arabic singer: Hi, Arab teens are similar to other teens, with the consideration of that they live in a ...
Arab Culture: Barhroom watering can, watering cans, ablution
Dec 19, 2004 ... watering cans, ablution, intresting: Hi, I think that they are using these cans for Wudhu (Ablution for Prayer). It is not Necessary to use such cans ...

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